Equine Disaster Relief & Search & Rescue (EQDRSR)

The Carbon Foot-Print Challenge (CFPC) 


 PREMIERS on YouTube channel EQDRSR soon

The Carbon Foot-Print Challenge (CFPC)

is a new series documentary we are filming as we travel interviewing folks about our Biosphere Earth Crisis 

We are currently in Barnardsville, NC filming & working on the solar powered mobile film studio.

We need some donations to finish the rig to travel cross country. So I developed in a  Go Fund Me  Just $10 from a thousand or $20 from 500 supporters will get us there. :)

If you would like us to interview you about your experiences, hopes & dreams, a contribution to share, or join the CFP Challenge as a contestant;

simply E-Mail EQDRSR@KissMediaProductions.com

KISS MEdia sits on GreenGeeks.com, a 300% Green Web Server.  They feedback sustainable green energy into the grid three times the electricity they use.

EQDRSR is invested with  City first Bank,  dedicated to Green & Socially Responsible Investments 

The EQDRSR rig runs on  WINDY NATION Clean Solar Power to We the People AMPERE TIME LiFePo4 batteries.